Precision offers warehouse management systems for companies of all sizes. Our SaaS based WMS – Pyrops is extremely versatile and nimble to fulfill the warehousing needs of both small-to-medium sized businesses or larger enterprises. Complemented with a powerful order management system and seller center, our de-coupled suite of products are modular, scalable and intuitive.

Warehouse Management System

Pyrops introduces a new paradigm in supply chain execution solutions – a robust, cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) at an outstanding value for your operation. With innovative product features, mobility solutions and an easy to use interface, Pyrops is dynamic and easily configurable for rapid, cost effective implementation.

Key Features:
Order picking, batch picking, zone picking, wave picking
Handheld integration
Intelligent order consolidation
Segregation of inventory of multiple clients
Volume based storage optimization
On demand integration with ERPs
Directed put-away
Lot/serialization of inventory
Barcode based operations
Cycle counting
Role based dashboards

Order Management System

Pyrops order management platform helps you seamlessly manage fulfilment across multiple channels. Whether you sell on multiple marketplaces, or you are into offline distribution, or you ship to your company owned stores - or a combination of all of these - Pyrops’ sophisticated rule engine will help you efficiently execute and monitor order fulfilment.

Key Features:
Multi-channel order fulfillment
Intelligent order consolidation
Last mile status tracking & Analytics
On demand integration with marketplaces, 3PL logistics companies and ERPs
Vendor portal
DSP billing reconciliation
Role based dashboards

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